Highlights from Spotify Investor Day (March 2018)

The most interesting facts and graphs from the presentation.

Spotify Investor Day, held in March 2018, right before Spotify’s stock Direct Listing.

Here is the full presentation, a 2 hour video.

Here is the full slideshow, 152 slides. (By the way, the site used to host the files, works really well.)

Some highlights from the slides:

  • 3,500 employees, 40% of them R&D
  • 35 MM tracks
  • >200 petabytes of data
  • >250 partners
  • 30% U.S. music listens happens in the car
  • >50 million use Spotify in the car
  • 3 billion music related events collected every day
  • 49 minutes per day spent on Spotify by the average user
  • 30%+ of streams are “algotorial”
  • 60% users converted from free channels into premium subscribers
  • 3+ million artists
  • 20,000 new pieces of content daily
  • 22,000 “top tier” artists in 2017 
  • 10 billion discoveries per month
  • BTS had 4.5 million monthly listeners then (14.4 million as of July 2020)
  • Premium subscribers use Spotify on average 80 minutes per day

I loved this graph:

Pasted Graphic 0

Some data from a shorter video about the business model:

  • “Radio is a $28 billion global market ripe for disruption”
  • 61% of MAUs are 18-34 year olds
  • R&D: 10% of revenues in 2017
  • “As of January 2018, Spotify is the number one app on time spent by Millennials”

This is funny: Beatles and Taylor Swift: This was then, this is now:

Pasted Graphic 1More interesting graphs:



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