Golden Raspberry Awards

Most winners do not attend the ceremony to collect their awards.[10] Notable exceptions include Tom Green (Worst Actor/Worst Director), Halle Berry[10] [11]and Sandra Bullock (Worst Actress), Michael Ferris, Joe Eszterhas (Worst Screenplay), and Paul Verhoeven (Worst Director).

Two people won both the Razzies and Oscars the same weekend: Brian Helgeland in 1998 and Bullock in 2010, although both for different films. Neil Diamond was nominated for both a Golden Globe (Best Actor) and a Razzie (Worst Actor) for the same film, 1980’s The Jazz Singer. Diamond won the Razzie, the inaugural Worst Actor Razzie Award. The Aerosmith song I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, as part of the original soundtrack to the 1998 film Armageddon, was nominated for both an Academy Award for Best Original Song and a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Original Song.

via Wikipedia

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