When Alice Cooper Predicted Donald Trump

Generally, Cooper professed to find politics “so boring,” quipping that “if elected, I would impeach myself.” The finale to the Billion Dollar Babies concerts involved a Nixon lookalike bounding onstage only to be roughed up and bundled off by the band. Yet in interviews, Cooper expressed sympathy for the president, who was by then embroiled in the Watergate scandal shortly after his reelection triumph. “I think Nixon’s got a rough job,” Cooper told Greene. “And if he’s guilty of anything, I don’t think it’s anything new. He’s just the first one to get caught. I think Nixon’s a star. … He’ll go down as one of the biggest personalities ever to come out of the United States, just by being so notorious. … I would love to spend some time with him. I’d probably sit down and talk about golf.” That never happened, but Cooper did get to play golf alongside Nixon’s vice president and successor, Gerald Ford, in a celebrity tournament. In further bizarreness, one of the singer’s four homes was right next door to the Phoenix, Arizona, residence of Barry Goldwater, hero of the conservative wing of the Republican Party and a failed presidential candidate in his own right.

via MTV

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