“Sixteen Candles” is begging for the “Ferris Bueller” treatment

That’s why it’s so important that soundtracks like the one for “Ferris Bueller” eventually emerge: They function as vital artistic archives in addition to being entertainment.

After all, “Ferris Bueller” the movie featured a handful of exclusive songs that were (until now) unavailable elsewhere, which meant this music remained stubbornly obscure. This phenomenon isn’t an anomaly: Thanks to complications with rights and licensing, the original music that has appeared in many ’80s movies disappeared when films aired on TV or made it to VHS and DVD formats. Plus, the decade’s movies could be difficult to find. For example, the beloved, John Cusack-starring 1985 film “Better Off Dead” was unavailable for years (except on antiquated formats such as LaserDisc), while Nicolas Cage’s early movie “Valley Girl” was only available on VHS until about a decade ago.

via Salon.com

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