Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb: The Last Brother

Barry Gibb and Eric Clapton should cut a record together

One day in January 1975, Gibb was driving over the bridge heading home from the studio. Things were not going great. The Bee Gees had recently had an album rejected by their label, and they’d been reduced to playing England’s dinner-theater circuit. In Atlantic City, they were second-billed to a horse. Their friend Eric Clapton suggested they try Miami, where they could rent his old house at 461 Ocean Boulevard and get a tan while they plotted their comeback. Then one night they heard that groove, wrote a song based on it the next day, and by the end of the summer, “Jive Talkin'” was Number One – the first in an epic run of hits that spanned four years and eight top singles, one of the most successful stretches in pop-music history.

Source: Rolling Stone