A quick thought on Bond

A quick recap of recent James Bond films: Pierce Brosnam had a strong debut, followed by three disappointing continuations.  A decade later, Daniel Craig has an even stronger debut, and so far has starred also in three unsatisfying sequels. While Casino Royale was full of charm, Quantum of Solace was a mess, Skyfall becomes worse as soon you start thinking about it, and Spectre has been getting decidedly mixed reviews.

I think the producers do not have really a clue about how they want to develop the “franchise”. Every movie ends up feeling a slap-and-dash combination of “whatever sticks” ideas. It is really sad. How I wish to see once a two or three movie sequence that makes sense and satisfies. It seems that only Disney/Pixar/Marvel/LucasFilm still can do this, while Sony shows with Bond and Spiderman how not to do long-term planning.