The makers of Starcrash (Italy, 1978)

The background of Starcrash would yield its own movie. It would be intriguing, at least:

writer and Starcrash aficionado Stephen Romano describes the film as “an Italian film produced by French people starring British people inspired by every American trend going on in film around that time.” To break that down a bit, it was produced by the father/son team of Nat and Patrick Waschberger, the latter now a successful producer most recently responsible for the Step Up series. A French immigrant, Nat was a Hollywood veteran, having worked in the industry since the 1940s. He’d also recently made the mistake of producing the never-released Jerry Lewis Holocaust film The Day The Clown Cried. Perhaps looking for a sure thing, he partnered with Italian director Luigi Cozzi, a rock journalist and agent to science-fiction writers who’d become a protégé to horror and suspense master Dario Argento.

via The Dissolve.