Searching for the Perfect [Classical] Recording

If not for the obsessives like me, the classical music industry might collapse. Klaus Heymann, head of Naxos Records, once said, “There’s pretty much a consensus in the industry that there’s maybe a million [classical music] collectors in the world when you define a collector as someone who buys at least 10 CDs a year.”[6] I asked some fellow classical music fans about which works they have the most versions of. One has 60 recordings of Debussy’s Études; another has 139 recordings of Bruckner’s 4th symphony; and one person admitted to having 150 recordings of Widor’s 5th organ symphony; and one said he has about 250 recordings of Wagner’s Die Walküre. My own collection – my 100,000-track iTunes library – pales in comparison to that of some people.

via Kirkville.