Postscript: Christopher Lee

Lee in The Man With The Golden Gun:

Scaramanga’s plan, over a luncheon served by his pocket-sized butler, is to needle away at Bond, whom he regards as little better than a civil servant—armed, predictably, with a weapon of lesser metal. “You work for peanuts. A hearty ‘Well done’ from her Majesty the Queen, and a pittance of a pension. Apart from that, we are the same,” he says. 007 looks genuinely discomfited, not only because the pane check of his mid-seventies plaid jacket makes your corneas melt, but because his status, as both gentleman and spy, is under threat. If anything, Scaramanga is being modest, for he is not the same as Bond. He is better.

via The New Yorker.

By the way, it is a shame that the two first Roger Moore as Bond were so weak, and things only picked up by The Spy Who Loved Me, as he was quickly entering middle-age. And Moore actually is older than Sean Connery.