The action figures and lost legacy of Batman Forever, 20 years later

Amazing how 20 years went fast…

Schumacher’s Batman Forever isn’t any better than Batman & Robin, but it’s let off the hook in the “worst picture of all time” discussion because it doesn’t bear any particular stigma. Upon its 1995 release, Batman Forever drew mixed-to-negative reviews, though nothing as scathing as what Batman & Robin faced. And the movie was a sizable hit—making more than $300 million worldwide—reversing the downward box-office trend of Burton’s Batman Returns. The whole project was a triumph of Hollywood packaging, bringing together a mainstream, malleable director and an eclectic cast of popular actors. Even the soundtrack was huge, generating U2’s Top 15 single “Hold Me, Thill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” and Seal’s chart-topping Grammy-winner “Kiss From A Rose” (not to mention a not-bad Flaming Lips chestnut, “Bad Days”).

via The Dissolve.