Al Pacino’s Driving Force

Great reading for the weekend. I still want to see his Phil Spector.

Acting, according to Pacino, is about “getting into a state that brings about freedom and expression and the unconscious.” Mamet compares Pacino’s excavations of his characters to the way Louis Armstrong played jazz: “He’s incapable of doing it the same way twice.” While Pacino was shooting his last scene for the movie “Devil’s Advocate” (1997), in which he played Satan, for instance, he suddenly broke off from the script to launch into a rendition of “It Happened in Monterey.” “It’s just absolutely out there, surreal and brilliant,” the actress Helen Mirren, whose husband, Taylor Hackford, directed the film, said. In the final movie, Pacino lip-synchs to Frank Sinatra’s version of the song; according to Mirren, the studio had to pay “a huge sum for the rights, but it was worth it.”

via The New Yorker.

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