From U2 to Coldplay, 10 songs that made people hate the band

I hate linking to to pop-up slideshows, but it is a fun read (however arbitrary the list might be)

Phil Collins, ‘Sussudio’

Upon its release, Phil Collins’s “Sussudio,” from his third solo album No Jacket Required, drew mixed reactions, but over time it’s grown to symbolize the vapid excess of the 1980s. With drum machines, an incredibly catchy but totally meaningless chorus and a synth track that sounds a lot like Prince’s “1999,” critics sharpened their claws and dug into this song as it climbed its way to the top of the charts. “Musical garbaggio that in my mind could have been the theme song for the Third Reich,” claims the Village Voice, which includes “Sussudio” as one of the worst songs of all time. One (fictional) person who would disagree, however, is American Pyscho’s Patrick Bateman, who says it’s a “personal favourite” right before having sex with two prostitutes. Yikes.

via CBC Music.

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