The “MTV cops” of Miami Vice gave television a facelift, then succumbed to the ravages of age

Very nice overview of the iconic series:

Even though Mann himself was never credited with directing an episode of Miami Vice, the show looks a lot like those movies, allowing for a change in climate and a shift away from shadowy darkness to pastels in bright sunshine. It also sounds a lot like them, Mann having brought the Czech keyboardist Jan Hammer on board to compose and perform a more intimate version of the kind of techno-noodling that the German group Tangerine Dream did for his movie soundtracks. The true mark of the style’s elasticity, and Mann’s ability to mind-meld with his collaborators, is that so many directors—among them Abel Ferrara, Bobby Roth, Rob Cohen, Stan Lathan, Georg Stanford Brown, and Thomas Carter, the last of whom shot the pilot—were able to duplicate it successfully. There were also first-season episodes directed by Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul, the former stars of Starsky And Hutch. It was a useful reminder that, in their earlier lives, both Mann and Yerkovich had written for this most pyrotechnically cheesy of buddy-buddy cop operas. For all their sophistication and talent, they both had a fair amount of old-school liquid gold coursing through their veins.

via The A.V. Club.

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