The mystery of Canadian musician Lewis… solved!

Wow! Amazing:

“We’d gotten a lead from an old friend of his, who had been a business partner back in the day in Calgary,” Jack Fleischer, a writer for Light in the Attic Records tells As It Happens guest host Laura Lynch.

Based on the tip, Fleisher and detective Markus Armstrong flew from Los Angeles to Canada and were able to track down the city and area where Lewis was last seen.

via CBC Radio.

(Some background)

Update: official (and wonderful) item from Light in the Attic Records:

In respect to Randall, we’ve decided that once our CD/LP stock runs out, we won’t be repressing L’Amour or Romantic Times–until he tells us differently. It doesn’t feel right collecting money from his art and him not sharing in it regardless of how incredibly positive he was about the entire thing. The royalties will continue to be set aside into an escrow in case he ever wants them.

In 2014, with the instant gratification of information at our fingertips and every mystery solved within seconds, this is a rare and beautiful thing. The man seems to be at peace, so respecting his privacy is most important.

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