Has Michael Bolton ever said anything about “Forever”?

SaintNSinner83 wrote:

“Id decided to work with KISS because I wanted to collaborate with Vinnie Vincent, actually. The guy was an acclaimed songwriter at the time and Id really been itching to work with him. You know, I dont keep up with rock music politics so when I arrived at Fortress Studio, Los Angeles it was only then Id found out hed been long since replaced. It was a shame. I was robbed of a chance to work with the guy who helped write lyrics like Cmon lick my candy cane.

But, I still took on the track and collaborated with the band as they were still very talented and great guys. Eric and Gene were really accommodating. Had a good time. Very proud of that song! That single brought them back. Suffice to say, even though I didnt work with him, least we had one thing in common: Vinnie and I saved KISS. At some point or another.”

-Michael Bolton Vanity Fair, 1993

via KissFAQ.COM 

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