Director Simon West: Stolen, Con Air, Rick Astley and more

Going back to near the start of the career, and you were doing music videos. One of those was Rick Astleys Never Gonna Give You Up.

[Chuckles] Yes, right.

Im sure youre aware that its one of the most watched music videos of all time.

Yeah, but Im not sure its for the right reasons! It just became one of those bizarre internet things, where, you know, its so bad that its good. Its enormously kitsch. Its funny, because it was so long ago, and I did it when I was just starting out – I was probably 22 or something when I made it.I was just starting off making music videos, and I was doing a lot of cool indie bands, and there were all sorts of early techniques I was experimenting with. By sheer chance, I fell into that dance thing with Stock Aitken and Waterman. I did a couple of videos for them – I did Mel & Kim.Then, with one days notice, they said, “Will you do this one? Weve got this guy who works in the recording studio”. He was actually the runner, because Id been in the studio a week before for a meeting, and talking about the Mel & Kim video, and there was this guy walking around getting sandwiches and tea, and it was Rick Astley.Literally, the following week, they said, “Hes actually got a great voice, and were going to give him a chance with this song. But we dont want to spend any money on it, and you need to do it tomorrow.”So it was one of those things where I threw it together. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong on the shoot – half of the people didnt turn up. The choreographer was double booked. The production designer hadnt finished the set, so it wasnt even shot where it was supposed to be shot.So we shot it in one day, and we thought nothing would happen with it. But then, of course, it went to number one all over the world, and I couldnt escape it. Anywhere I went in the world, it would be on TV. It haunted me for about a year. I said to some friends, “Oh my God, its the one video I wouldnt want to be seen everywhere.”Then I thought Id escaped it again, and who knew that, 20 years later, it should come back and re-haunt me! [Laughs]

via Den of Geek.

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