Lewis: L’amour – Pitchfork review


The liner notes for Light in the Attic’s new reissue of L’Amour, the only known album by an artist known as Lewis, read more like a murder mystery than a making-of. In 1983, a guy named Randall Wulff showed up at Music Lab studio in Los Angeles with a white Mercedes convertible, a beautiful girlfriend, perfect hair, and a handful of ethereal synth-pop-folk tunes. Wulff then hired photographer Ed Colver, best known for documenting the West Coast punk scene, to shoot the starkly monochromatic album cover. By the time Colver realized the check had bounced, Wulff had disappeared. There were rumors that he had gone to Las Vegas or possibly Hawaii, but most likely he had returned to Alberta, Canada, where nearly twenty-five years later a vinyl collector named Jon Murphy came across a copy of L’Amour at a flea market.

via Lewis: L’amour | Album Reviews | Pitchfork.

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