Phil Collins live… in 1994

Bruce Haring is the author of Off the Charts: Ruthless Days and Reckless Nights Inside the Music Industry, a book that has long been on my To-Read list. This a 1994 article from the author, reviewing the last days of Phil Collins  as a megastar….

Touring in support of his sixth solo album, last year’s Atlantic release “Both Sides,” Collins, as one of the biggest-selling artists of the ’80s, is at something of a career crossroads.

The new disc, which follows the hugely successful “… But Seriously,” hasn’t rung up the impressive sales numbers of its predecessor and is not currently on the Billboard 200.

The reason for the malaise isn’t anything drastic. The new album simply doesn’t have great songs.

But Collins’ ability to write catchy pop leaves him a threat to return to megasales at any moment, and music publishing giant Warner-Chappell recently inked him to a huge contract.


via Phil Collins | Variety.

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