KISS Story

Chuck Klosterman writes a huge profile of KISS. Like KISS music, the text is very fun and highly unessential. I was amused by the review of the entire discography of the band and solo efforts:

I know what I know: A few of these records are great, most are OK, several are bad, and some should be buried in sulphur. An objective person could assess the Kinks’ catalogue with identical language. I, however, have not listened to all 31 Kinks albums enough times to properly do so. But I’ve listened to all these Kiss records enough to do this …

Vinnie Vincent Invasion (Vinnie Vincent Invasion, 1986): A Joycean masterwork. The Reagan administration’s Blow by Blow. Nine and a half perfect songs (because even I get a little bored during “Back on the Streets”). This was either the second- or third-best rock album released in ’86, depending on your relative feelings toward Master of Puppets and The Queen Is Dead. GRADE: A+

via KISS Story.

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