Abba on drugs, Eminem and why writing great pop is a job for young people

Wonderful interview with AB (half of ABBA)

The tribute bands (Björn Again), cover versions (Erasure) and hit musicals (Mamma Mia) may keep Abba in the public eye, but it is this emotional depth that has kept the band in people’s hearts. Unfashionable at theeir peak, Abba have spent the time since they stopped recording slowly moving away from being the kind of pleasure people class as “guilty”. These days musicians from Björk to Noel Gallagher are happy to praise them. Still, itseems unlikely that they will ever be held in the same regard as their heroes, the Beatles or the Beach Boys – not that this appears to bother them.

“I think being Swedes we have a very down-to-earth way of looking at ourselves and what we do,” says Frida. “We’ve never had any, what do you call it … hubris?”

“Coming from Sweden, we were always regarded as outsiders, we were never part of that scene,” says Björn.

“I recently read Graham Nash’s [of Crosby, Stills & Nash] Wild Tales,” adds Frida, “and to compare the lives we led and the music we wrote and the tours we did to that.” She starts laughing. “It’s just so totally apart from that scene, but it was a very interesting book. He really writes openly about drugs – all kind of drugs – and I suppose that was the environment there and then. But we didn’t live in it.”

via The Guardian.

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