The Elephant In The Music Room

The article is too long, but the authors are able to finely articulate how messy the situation of digital music really is today. Which is quite a feat IMO, given the complexity of the issues.  Jumping to their closing remarks:

And that’s our biggest problem: nobody seems to be thinking about music as just Music anymore; and nobody is thinking about the listener as an individual, a fellow human being. Everybody’s looking out for their proprietary interests, all desperately grasping to hang onto or get a hold of a piece of the pie, promoting their own agendas by spewing massive levels of toxic discourse within think pieces and press releases and mass emailings and panels and seminars about streaming vs. sales and royalties and rights – all of it poisoning the very ecosystem of music and immersing listeners within a sea of negativity… with even your most active listeners believing that you really don’t give a damn about them: all you want is their money.

via Consequence of Sound.

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