Olympian Heights: Bryan Ferry Talks To Chris Roberts

The final entry of today’s trilogy of Bryan Ferry articles:

He starts singing the bass line to ‘Do The Strand’. “The bass on Olympia by Marcus Miller is…well, he’s a genius. He understands my music, he gets it. Of course he played with Miles Davis, which isn’t bad. Dave Gilmour came in for one afternoon, plays on two tracks. Nile (Rodgers) played on everything. He kind of took over from my guitarist David Williams, who died, which was incredibly sad. He was part of my gang, one of my mates, y’know? My brother. He’d say, ‘How’re you doin’ my brother?’ Actually he’d say, ‘How’re you doin’ my nigga?’”

“I was shy of collaboration in the past. When you start off your career, it’s always me me me. ‘Oh no, I’ve got plenty of ideas, I don’t need anybody else to interfere.’ If, say, David Bowie had said in ’73, ‘Oh can we write together?’ I’d have said no, I’m not interested.”

via The Quietus.

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