A simple comparison of movies and music consumption

Music is a more complicated “product” to consume than movies, for several reasons:

  • A movie may be watched just once. Some music has to be listened several times before you ‘get’ it. At the same time, a favourite song can be listened endlessly.
  • The best way to watch a movie is seated, quietly, and focused. Music can be listened in any position and state of mind, alone or in thousands.
  • A movie has a specific length of time. Music can be listened for moments or hours or days.
  • A single movie takes its two hours or so of time. If you have less time than that, it easy to stop and resume later.
  • If you interrupt a Bruckner Symphony in the middle, there is little sense in resuming at the stopping point.
  • Two hours of pop music requires choosing perhaps 20 or 30 different songs. This is work. You can pay good money for a professional DJ to select appropriate songs.
  • It is automatic to watch a previously unseen movie. To choose listening to new music instead of any old familiar stuff is a conscious, much less automatic choice. When you are going to watch a movie, you deliberately look out for something not seen before.

What else am I forgetting?

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