Working with Clive Davies

BE: Why is it that so much of your solo material beyond your debut has stayed out of print in the States? I know its been reissued in Japan before, but…

EC: Probably because no one has gone to Arista on my behalf and said, “Hey, why dont you put these things out?” laughs You know, Clive Davis, founder of Arista Records is a singles guy, and so hes always looking to repackage a bunch of singles and put it out, but I dont think he especially dug or even got the Boats Against the Current album. We were kind of in sync on the very first album, and then he and I didnt really see eye to eye on a whole lot of things after that. My whole fourth album, he completely ignored! It was like I wasnt even there. I was, like, “Clive? Hello? Ive got an album out here!” “No, no, you dont!” And Ive recently read in one of the books, I think it was the Marathon Man book an extremely in-depth Carmen biography, written by Bernie Hogya and Ken Sharp, where he had a quote where he said, “Once youve gone pop, you cant go back.” Oh, thank you for writing that in stone for me. I wasnt aware of that! But that was his take: I had gone pop on the first album, so my rock credibility was shot forever, and he wasnt going for it.

via Eric Carmen interview, The Raspberries Interview.

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