PC Industry, 25 years ago. The OS/2 tale

Those were the days,  as Dan Lyons remembers:

It’s hard to explain to young kids now what a blast those early PC years were. The market was booming. Lotus was the biggest software company, but Mitchell Kapor would still talk to you. Philippe Kahn would say outrageous things and play the saxophone at events. Bill Gates dirty-danced with PR flacks at Comdex parties. Microsoft was not yet big and bad and borglike; they were just Microsoft. Roger McNamee was an analyst at T. Rowe Price. Publications like PC Week and PC Mag were making ridiculous amounts of money. On Fridays our ad sales people used to celebrate by filling the water coolers with margaritas. We spent long afternoons in our cubicles playing primitive video games or sleeping off long drunken lunches. We had affairs with colleagues and did bad things in the conference room at night when we thought nobody was still in the office. We did terrible, ridiculous things at Comdex in Las Vegas.

This related article from TIME is pretty great too:

OS/2 3.0, released in November 1994, was dubbed OS/2 Warp — part of a concerted effort on IBM’s part to make the operating system seem less nerdy and more hip and consumer-friendly.

It even advertised the product on TV. Here’s a commercial that tries to explain OS/2 to non-nerds (it seems like the spot gives up halfway through). At the end, it simply says OS/2 is “a totally cool way to run your computer,” which is both vague and patronizing.

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