The Beatles’ Break-Up, 40 Years Later (The Atlantic)

The White Album was the beginning of a long, drawn-out end to the Beatles’ career, and all the finger pointing in the world would not reveal the one true reason that the Beatles split up. So I say to you finger-pointers, stop wasting your time. As we commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Beatles’ breakup, don’t dwell too long on its cause. Rather, consider the simple miracle that a band like this, with two-and arguably three-of the greatest and most unique songwriters of the 20th century, could have co-existed as long as they did. Recall your fond memories of lining up outside the record store year after year, eager to purchase the band’s newest LP or single. Marvel at their legacy, a story and a collection of music that remains as fresh as ever after 40 years. And maybe—just for good measure—repurchase all of their songs and albums a fourth or fifth time on the iTunes Music Store, if only because you can.

via The Beatles’ Break-Up, 40 Years Later – Dan Charness – Culture – The Atlantic.

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