Forever Young, BBC Four

But this documentary didn’t really touch on such hypocrisies. Instead we got a potted history of pop music, from poppy pop, to taking-itself-too-seriously pop, to national institution pop, and back to poppy pop again, and how these changes have affected this bunch of valiant survivors who’ve miraculously continued their dream careers through four or more decades, having initially expected to be “back on the coal” after six months. Unfortunately, although the Stones inevitably came up a lot, all Stones were left unturned, as no new footage of Jagger and Co was captured. But there was one amusing clip from 1981 in which Jagger responded to the usual question, “How much longer can he go on with performing this high-energy show?” with, “For another five years, maybe.” However, the best answer as to why Jagger is still rockin’ and mincin’ with as much preternatural energy as he’s ever done – nearly thirty years on from that interview – was given by Lemmy who said with the incisiveness of Descartes, “How is it possible to stop? It’s what I am.”

via Forever Young, BBC Four – The Arts Desk – Arts Reviews, Features and News.

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