Peter Paterno, Lawyer

Peter Paterno tells his story:

I did that for 12 years and got the job running Hollywood Records at Disney and that was a colossal failure. At the end of four years they fired – well, they didn’t fire me my contract technically ended, but I prefer to think of it as I was fired.

Then I moved back into private practice. Well, I spent a year trying to get a real job, because I really – being a lawyer is just not all that much fun. And I was going, “God, I can’t do that again.” Then after about a year where I couldn’t get anybody to hire me, because I was basically a persona non grata in any business. I had a slink back to practicing law again. That’s what I’ve now done since then and it still isn’t all that much fun.

The way I met Metallica was early on in their career they were on a label called Megaforce and they were managed by the guy that ran Megaforce and published by the guy that ran Megaforce. Cliff Burnstein their current manager, called me up and said, “You should check this band out. These guys are really amazing.” He had Lars Ulrich give me a call and I met with them. I sort of remember the first time I saw them play – this was like 1982 or 3. I had no idea who they were and the music was a little bit, I have to say, foreign to what I was listening to at the time. Just didn’t really sound much like the Eagles or Jackson Brown.

via About Peter Paterno – ArtistshouseMusic.

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