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“And the beauty is showing how major corporations want to be involved with people whose last names are Gutierrez, Perez. People whose names end with a ‘z,'” Pitbull happily says on a recent afternoon at a recording studio in Davie, Fla., where he plays tracks from both of his upcoming albums. The atmosphere is one of controlled chaos, with a steady stream of people — from members of his team to fans to a camera crew — filtering in and out.

Although the finishing touches are still being applied to “Planet Pit,” “Armando” is a done deal; it’s rich with dance beats, cultural references and sly humor. First single “Bon, Bon,” for example, samples “Me No Speak Americano,” the Yolanda Be Cool hit that DJ Buddha, head of Mr. 305 Records, first heard in Europe. On top of the beat, Pitbull spoofs Lady Gaga, saying, “I’m not Alejandro, Roberto or Fernando. I’m Armando.”

via Pittbull News – Yahoo! Music.

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