How Kate Bush Burst On The Scene 30 Years Ago (Rock’s Backpages in Yahoo! Music)

Did you know there are some very amusing music blogs at Yahoo!? Me neither. It’s amazing how little repercussion they seem to have in overall music blogosphere, I am inclined to think. It’s a shame. I found at least two blogs worth RSS-ing. One is Chart Watch by Paul Grein (226 posts) and the other is Rock’s Backpages, from the eponimous website I previously posted about.

To clip a random highlight, I found this 33 year old interview with Kate Bush, it is one of the first posts of the blog.

SHOCKING UPDATE: Yahoo Rock’s Backpages has so far 4 subscribers in the Google Reader platform. This is sad.

This piece came on the back of a Melody Maker editorial conference, editor Ray Coleman at the helm, sarcastic bastards round the table, and me saying “But she’s gonna be huge!” “Wuthering Heights” was at No. 1 in the UK singles chart. The interview was the usual record company set-up, in the EMI Board Room. Bush seemed strangely unique for somebody that everybody perceived was the archetypal one-hit wonder. Anything but, as it turned out… Harry Doherty

via Bush Baby: How Kate Bush Burst On The Scene 30 Years Ago – Rock’s Backpages.

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