Michael Erlewine | AllMusic

A bio of Allmusic and its founder, Michael Erlewine

Although he was no longer a performing musician, Erlewine still had a great love for music. During the ’80s, he began to collect CDs. Years ago, he had sold many of his vinyl records, and he was thrilled to reacquire the music he loved on CD. Nevertheless, he became frustrated with the proliferation of re-recordings and poor remasterings that glutted the market. He decided to create a music database that collected accurate reviews and ratings and biographies.

That database, called the All Music Guide, was founded in 1991. Not long after its inception, Russian mathematician and database expert Vladimir Bogdanov came aboard the project. Erlewine and Bogdanov, along with a host of writers and editors, created a database which provided the basis for the first printed edition of the All Music Guide in 1992. Chris Woodstra joined the project as an Editor at the end of the year. Michael’s nephew Stephen Thomas Erlewine — who had been involved with AMG since 1992 — became an editor in 1994. Throughout the years, AMG’s stable of writers continued to grow to well over 300 onsite and off-site writers. AMG has become the largest music database of popular music in the world.

via Michael Erlewine | AllMusic.

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