Genius. RT @discographies:

  • The Beatles: 1st-4th) recorded in black & white; 5th-8th) the drugs kick in; 9th/10th/12th) entropy; 11th) invents ELO & Oasis by accident.
  • Roxy Music: 1-2 Eno-ish retro-futurism; 3-5 Euro-ish future-retroism; 6-7 disco-ish commercialism; 8 Quiet Storm-ish priapism.
  • The Rolling Stones: 1-4 arousal; 4-6 tumescence ; 7-10 full engorgement; 11-14 satyriasis; 15-19 midlife crisis; 20-22 erectile dysfunction.
  • Elvis Costello: 1-11 “the early funny ones”; 12,13,15,17,24,29 Shadows & Fog; 16,21-23,30 Crimes & Misdemeanors; 14,18-20,25-28 Zelig.
  • Van Halen: 1-6 Sean Connery; 7-10 Roger Moore; 11 George Lazenby.
  • Kiss: 1-6 successful product introduction; 7-10 overexposure kills brand; 11-17 relaunch w/”edgy” imaging; 18-19 “the old package is back!”
  • The Police: “Suspects were arraigned & charged with [1-3] attempted reggae, impersonating a punk, [4] aggravated pomposity & [5] stalking.”
  • The Black Eyed Peas: 1-2 “Fuck ‘artistic integrity.'” 3-5 “What we need is a hot girl, a Pepsi endorsement and some surplus X-Men costumes.”
  • Coldplay: 1-4 “Imagine a sturdy, comfortable walking shoe (in focus-group tested shades of beige) gently tapping on a human face — forever.”

A interview:

Two days ago I suddenly and unexpectedly stumbled onto the greatest Twitter account I’d ever seen.

I can’t remember exactly how I was led there, but thirty seconds after landing on @discographies, I was smitten. The concept is as simple as its execution is Herculean: condensing a musician’s entire opus into 140 characters, with usually hilarious and dead-on results. I’d say that @D is the Shakespeare of Twitter, except that his process is more like James Joyce, writing a word a day see question #4 and be humbled.

@discographies is also as secretive as can be. Usually I like to pretend that I’m meeting my Popten interviewees for cocktails at their penthouse, questions and answers batted back and forth between sips. But if this weren’t the internet, I think my interview with @discographies would’ve required me to hire a PI, leave a note with @D’s landlord, meet him behind a supermarket at 3am, and take sloppy notes as he fed me terse answers in a raspy, unidentifiable voice. Of course, there’s the distinct possibility that @discographies is a woman.

via Interview with @discographies : Popten.

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