Music Advertisements of the 1980s

(A personal clipping pulled from Vintage Ad Browser)

Budweiser presents Rolling Stones. (And the modern circuit of mega tours is basically born)

Budweiser Presents Rolling Stones

Michelob and still seriously-alcoholic Eric Clapton

Eric & Michelob

Genesis also endorses Michelob

Genesis & Michelob

Phil Collins uses Beyerdynamic mics

Phil Collings - Beyerdynamic

Bon Jovi microphone is not so cool:


Pontiac Fiero presents Hall & Oates

Pontiac, Hall & Oates

The CD arrives!


Sony brings the CD to the car and outdoors:

Portable and in-car CD

The dreadful original Beatles CDs arrives too!

Beatles CD











Denon had this funny cassette “CarryClip”

Denon Case

VH1 still was about music videos

Young VH1

Duran Duran Video Concert is on Cinemax

Duran Duran Video

And George Michael – Faith is on VHS

Faith Video

Johny Cash discover the synth

Johnny Cash & Technics

Bose still sells and advertises professional gear


Some magazine profiles on Tina Turner, Steve Winwood and the Cars:


Steve Winwood

The Cars

New music (not all memorable) by

Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry - Bête Noire



Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop

David Bowie


Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart



Tom Petty

Classic Petty

Paul McCartney

McCartney, Chase and Aykroyd

Dire Straits

Money For Nothing



Pat Benatar


Big Audio Dynamite


The Church

The Church

Patty Smyth

Patty Smyth

Young Michael Bolton

Young Michael Bolton

Young Kenny G.

Young Kenny G

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