Tommy and Quadrophenia Live

I was not really expecting much from the discs, (all three of them!) but they were great. I was particularly moved by the 1996 Quadrophenia performance. I knew little about it, and did not expect the music to be so memorable. Almost all songs work, which is not something you can said of more famous Tommy.

The performances are great in my view (I am not an expert in Who live performances). Richard Starkey drumming is vigorous and precise. Entwistle bass playing is astounding. Do you know anyone really better?

Rhino Records is proud to present a 3-DVD boxed set showcasing one of the greatest live bands ever-The Who. Disc one features a live rendition of their full-blown rock opera about a deaf, dumb, and blind boy. Tommy was performed live in 1989 at The Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, with special guests Elton John, Phil Collins, Billy Idol, Patti LaBelle, and Steve Winwood. Disc two contains the band’s second rock opus, this time built around the story of a young mod’s struggle to come of age in the mid-60s. This live version of Quadrophenia, from the 1996/1997 U.S. Tour was the first time it was performed as Townshend and Daltrey had visualized it, with live action and featuring a then-unknown Alex Langdon in a spellbinding performance as Jimmy, the disillusioned Mod.

via The Who – Tommy and Quadrophenia Live

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