Die Antwood: South Africa’s Hip Hop Trio Controversial American Debut

As a blogger for the Houston Press warned his readers, “If you don’t like random erections, wooden erections, talking breasts, breasts with no nipples, words that aren’t English, mud, grime, gold lame pants, clean and strong peni, machetes, more erections, jackets made of rats, monsters with erections, questionable facial hair, and prostitution, don’t watch this video.”

The dark themes of the videos proved to be the straw that broke YouTube’s back. The video portal which has gained its following as a wide-open, unpoliced, Wild West of uploaded content, this week yanked Die Antwoord’s most recent effort off their site. The video for a rendition of the song “Evil Boy” features not only Yolandi dancing in a suit seemingly made of rats, the aforementioned copious erections and penile imagery but an 18-year-old street kid rapping about fending off homosexual advances. (“I don’t want to go to the bush with you/Don’t touch my penis/This penis is for girls.”) If nothing else, Die Antwoord’s legacy will be having defined YouTube’s limits. In removing the video, the site claimed the material violated YouTube’s terms of use, inviting the band to replace it with a slightly more family-friendly version.

via Die Antwood: South Africa’s Hip Hop Trio Controversial American Debut – The Daily Beast.

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