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Billboard 1982 Music Industry Review





Just as there’s vibrant life in rock warhorses like the Rolling Stones and the Who, 1982 saw an almost two-decade old configuration – the prerecorded cassette- gain surprising momentum…

2 replies on “Billboard 1982 Music Industry Review”

Hi there,
Your research seems very interesting. This data set must be huge! How many songs were in the Billboard too 100 since 1955? Are you going to publish a paper?

Your conclusions seem very counter-intuitive, dont they? I remembered some articles from earlier this year supporting the more intuitive conclusion. This one mentions it:

I also curious about comparing the hit parade of 1955 with 2009. Music changed a lot independent of the stock market. How do the correlations behave in shorter time frames, say decade-by-decade?

(I bookmarked both posts here for reference:


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