Keith Richards: the Keef facts

I was worried that I was posting too much much about Keith Richards bio, but the reality is that you can not have too much Keith:

5. He used to live in a Nazi mansion. In 1971, Keith moved with Pallenberg and their first son Marlon to a French villa named Nellcôte. During the German occupation of France in the second world war, Nellcôte was the local Gestapo headquarters, and there were still swastikas on the radiators when Keef arrived. It was there that the Stones recorded their 10th studio album, Exile on Main Street.

6. Jumping Jack Flash was actually Keef’s gardener at Redlands, Jack Dyer. The inspiration for the song came when the stomping of Jack’s rubber boots woke Jagger from a hazy drug-induced sleep. The front man then appended the word “Flash” to the nickname Jumping Jack, the two riffed on the gardener’s rural childhood, and a hit was born.

via Keith Richards: the Keef facts | Music | The Guardian.

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