The Big Mac

I FINALLY managed to finish “You Cannot Be Serious”, John McEnroe 2002 biography. I have already highlighted how much he cares about rock music, but at the time I had not read the last chapters. After retiring from pro tennis, he really tried to become a rockstar and even married a real one.

The curiosity I want to highlight now is the very end of the book. Autobiographies always have a very lame ending. The author happy at home, resting on his laurels and enjoying his family and writing a book. Mac had a better idea: “My Top 25 Rock & Roll Moments: a Personal Outtake Reel”. I quote:

3. Forest Hills tennis/rock charity event, 1982: During the tennis portion, in the afternoon, I played Meat Loaf – who also tried to jump over the net and fell on his face. (Moral: Fat singers shouldn’t try to jump the net)

[Two years earlier, the same thing happened to Luciano Pavarotti]

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