Yes, “People” Online Archive is Really Amazing

Example no.2, from 1981:

Not all the time. Daryl blames their troubled late ’70s in part on “strong-willed producers with their own vision.” “The result,” says Oates, was “constant battles.” Hall accounts for his own decision to split for Sacred Songs—a 1977 solo project with Robert Fripp—as “needing to do it for myself.” When the album’s release was held back by RCA (until 1980), H&O continued to hang Top 10 together instead of apart.

If rumors of an artistic rift didn’t help the pair, neither did the repackaged slickness of their earlier look. On one album cover they were painted by Mick and Bianca’s makeup maven, Pierre LaRoche. The androgynous posings inevitably sparked rumors that they were live-in gay lovers. Retorts Hall: “Traditionally, duos get accused of lots of things. We just shrugged it off.”

via Hearing ‘Voices’? Yup, It’s Another Hit Off That Lp by Hall & Oates :

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