Olivia Gets Physical

Amusing 1982 People Magazine article on Olivia Newton-John. By the way, People Magazine seems to have a very liberal approach to archive access. I’ll probably find more gems in there to post here.


The transformation from sweet to sassy is, of course, a career move calculated to the last micron. But it also is a measure of how far Olivia has come since her 1975 Have You Never Been Mellow days. Though she’s not likely to wrestle Pat Benatar off the rock stage, today’s Olivia has turned tough, just like her vapid-to-vampish transition as Sandy in her 1978 film smash, Grease. “Olivia is basically sweet and lovely,” says her Grease co-star, John Travolta, “but she definitely has a hot streak.” Her longtime record producer, John Farrar, adds knowingly, “She is perceived as being quite innocent, but she is hardly Miss Prim and Proper around people she knows.”

via Olivia Gets Physical – Personal Success, Matt Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-John : People.com.

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