Vangelis vs. Moroder – Midnight Express Soundtrack

  • Alan Parker initially wanted to use existing songs by Vangelis for the soundtrack of “Midnight Express”
  • Peter Gruber insisted on him to consider using a original score by disco producer Giorgio Moroder, which would be less expensive
  • Moroder was signed to Casablanca Records. Casablanca Pictures was producing the film.
  • Moroder was eager to enter the movie soundtrack business.
  • This was the first soundtrack made with synthesizers – much cheaper than a full orchestra
  • Columbia Pictures were initially opposed to use a “disco” track for the chase scene.
  • Vangelind wound up making the soundtrack of Charriots of Fire
  • In the end it worked. Moroder got an Oscar and the film got a memorable soundtrack.

All this come from the bonus features in the blu-ray edition of Midnight Express.

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