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Crowe’s first cover story was on The Allman Brothers Band.[8] He went on the road with them for three weeks at age 16 and interviewed not only the whole band, but also the entire road crew. On his last night with the group, Gregg Allman asked Crowe to his room and told him to bring identification to prove he was not a police officer. Although Crowe showed him his identification, Allman nevertheless confiscated all his tapes. Two days later, the president of the Allman Brothers’ Capricorn Records label called Crowe to let him know he was returning all the tapes. Allman later said he did not recall the incident.

Because Crowe was a fan of the 1970s hard rock bands that the older writers did not like, he landed a lot of major interviews. He wrote predominantly about Yes and the band members, and also about Led Zeppelin, Eagles, King Crimson, Linda Ronstadt, Rory Gallagher, Todd Rundgren, and more. “He charmed a lot of people,” Fong-Torres told Rachel Abramowitz in Premiere. “He was the aw-shucks guy. ‘I’m glad to be backstage. I love this band.'” In an interview with Joel Selvin of the San Francisco Chronicle Fong-Torres remarked, “He was the guy we sent out after some difficult customers. He covered the bands that hated Rolling Stone.”[9]

via Cameron Crowe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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