10 Songs That Became TV Themes – Spinner

‘God Only Knows,’ The Beach Boys – ‘Big Love’ Theme

While it may not seem like a big deal now, this track from ‘Pet Sounds’ was one of the first pop songs to have the word “God” in its title. Despite fears of a backlash, the Beach Boys released the song and watched it become an all-time classic. Forty years later, the groundbreaking HBO drama about religion and polygamy fittingly chose it as its theme.

‘I Don’t Want to Wait,’ Paula Cole – ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Theme

Cole followed up her hit single ‘Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?’ with this song about a World War II soldier returning home. The producers of the WB show originally wanted to use Alanis Morissette’s ‘Hand in My Pocket,’ but she wouldn’t grant them the rights, so they went for Cole’s song as second choice, which spent more than a year on the US Top 50 charts.

‘In the Street,’ Todd Griffin/Cheap Trick – ‘That ’70s Show’ Theme

This song was originally released by Big Star on their 1972 debut, ‘#1 Record.’ The producers had singer Todd Griffin rerecord it for the opening credits to represent the decade. Cheap Trick then tracked a version, ‘That 70’s Song,’ that was used for the rest of the series. Big Star singer Alex Chilton claimed he was paid $70 in royalties each time the song was used.

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