Return of Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark

What prompted this downbeat assessment of an internationally successful career – including Germany’s biggest-selling single of 1982, Maid Of Orleans?

“The thing is,” McCluskey begins, “we didn’t want to be pop stars in order to have a career and tour around the world.

“The real reason we were doing it was because, in our own juvenile, precious and misguided way, we believed were going to change the world.”

So when the planet failed to drop off its axis, McCluskey had “a big psychological crash”.

“We’d done three albums and sold millions and I suddenly thought, ‘What have we actually changed?'”

…OMD were always more intellectual, however, writing songs about atomic weapons (Enola Gay), public telephone boxes (Red Frame/White Light) and genetic engineering (Um… genetic engineering).

“We were fascinated by weird German music and writing songs about aeroplanes and oil refineries,” McCluskey says.

“Nobody was more surprised than we were when we actually started to sell records.”

“I wanted to be an archaeologist – how did I end up on the front cover of Smash Hits?!

via BBC News – OMG its OMD!.

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