A&M Records on Billboard Pop Charts

Very detailed website about venerable A&M Records:

In 1963, A&M had only four or five employees, including founders Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss. By November 1966, when A&M Records moved to the old Charlie Chaplin Studios, it had 32 employees. Two years later, the staff had doubled. By 1976, A&M’s staff supporting the artists grew to nearly 350 people. In that light, it understandable that the number of singles that charted jumped from a previous high of five in 1965 to 15 in 1966 and then hit an average of 20 singles. Similarly, the number of albums to chart grew from 8 to 13 in 1966 and 1967, 18 the next year, 39 in 1969 and then hit an average of 30 albums per year. A&M released the number of albums and singles that it could work successfully.

Chart success for A&M Records was not just getting a record on the chart, there was emphasis placed on getting the record into the Top 10. A full 25% of singles and 12% of albums were Top 10. A&M had 70 Top 10 albums and 122 Top 10 singles in 30 years. They had singles on the charts every year from 1962 through 1990 and albums on the charts in 1962 and then from 1964 through 1990.

via A&M Records on Billboard Pop Charts.

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  1. Thank you for the very kind mention of A&M on the Billboard Pop Charts. If I may add, the site also includes complete A&M’s chart performance records on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary and R&B charts, Cash Box as well as the official Canadian and British music charts.

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