VH1 Greatest Artists of All Time – Now and Then (1998)

VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” has changed since its first poll in 1998. Some notable changes include:

  • …The poll reflects changing tastes. The list features over 30 artists who did not make the cut in 1998 including ABBA, Journey, Hall and Oates, Rush, George Michael, Mariah Carey, Sade and Cheap Trick.
  • The 1998 list included very few Hard Rock artists. This time, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Metallica, Judas Priest and Def Leppard made the list.
  • The 1998 list ignored Hip Hop entirely. Now Jay-Z, OutKast, Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J and N.W.A. are in the top 100. However no hip hop artist broke the top 40. Jay-Z was highest at #47.

via Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones Top VH1’s ‘100 Greatest Music Artists of All Time’ List | Earth Times News.


    1. No, I have not watched yet. In fact, the series has not even been shown in Brazil yet by the local VH1, which usually broadcasts older stuff. But now I can read your report on the show in your blog, it will be interesting!

  1. i agree, rocker. and you know Michael Jackson’s death had something to do with that top 5 ranking, especially since he went from a low #40 in the 1998 poll to #2 in the 2010 poll. now that he’s gone people are suddenly calling him a “music god,” while forgetting that his career as a respectable musician was pretty much dead by the mid-1990s.

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