Why Steven Tyler will be a terrible Idol judge

I usually try to avoid discussion of American Idol staff changes, but this opinion  piece brings some nice context:

Since they blew out of Beantown in 1972, Aerosmith brazenly stole from the Rolling Stones the way the Stones stole from the blues and brought it back home all wrapped up in stars-and-stripes sexbeat boogie. They were raunchy and rich in the 70s, then messed up, broken up, really messed up and resurrected in the late 80s with counseling and killer albums like “Pump” to be bigger than ever.They were “Behind the Music” before “Behind the Music.”

They were “Celebrity Rehab” before “Celebrity Rehab.” And as everyone from lightweights like Motley Crue to worthy successors like Guns’N’Roses have admitted, they paved the road American rock needed to travel down after the onslaught of the British Invasion.

After 40 years, rising from clubs to giant stadiums, Aerosmith has become a beloved American institution, playing the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, with their own Disney Theme Park ride and sold-out arenas around the entire world.

via Why Steven Tyler will be a terrible Idol judge – Entertainment – Reality TV – TODAYshow.com.

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