1953 New Yorker Profile of Mitch Miller

Of his work at Columbia Records, Rice wrote,

To the arcane job of making salable pop singles, Miller has brought most of the mental and physical qualities that are considered standard in the successful American executive. He has a practically disease-proof constitution, tremendous energy, and little need for prolonged sleep. He inspires many of the people who work for him with helpless loyalty and a bland indifference to overtime. He is the master of the technical intricacies of his business. He enjoys responsibility. He is savagely competitive…. Popular records furnish him with an income beyond an oboe player’s most romantic visions and with the enormously entertaining opportunity to prestidigitate before a pleased and astonished public; if the need for musical fulfillment overpowers him in the office, as it sometimes does, he breaks out the oboe and whips through a couple of tricky Bach or Mozart passages, to the awe of the music publishers straining at the railing outside in the hope of seeing him.

via Back Issues: Postscript: Mitch Miller : The New Yorker.

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