It’s Time for Lady Gaga to Go Away [?]

First, it is fun to link to Gawker and Lady Gaga. (Weren’t they made for each other?) Second, this is really a legitimate concern: what kind of [album?] cycle should a top artist adopt nowadays, when albums are becoming irrelevant?

In the barely two years that she’s been on the scene, Lady Gaga has done almost everything. She appeared on Saturday Night Live, the MTV Video Music Awards, the Grammys, the American Music Awards, the Today show, even the Miss Universe pageant. She’s been on the cover of every major magazine, including Billboard, Elle, Cosmopolitan, New York, Time, Out, and Rolling Stone…twice. Now there’s the Vanity Fair cover (with the requisite behind-the-scenes video shoot and slow trickle of images before the issue hits newsstands). And let’s not forget the endorsement deals like Polaroid, a line of headphones, and whatever it is she gets paid to do for Hello Kitty.

via It’s Time for Lady Gaga to Go Away.

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