These days, old is new in music business

Squeeze literally tried on some old clothes, along with vintage recording equipment and instruments, to get in the spirit while making its new/old disc.

Its roots were strictly business. The Universal record company controls the rights to Squeeze’s old recordings, which left Difford and partner Glenn Tilbrook feeling trapped. Marketing old Squeeze songs were low priority, yet Squeeze material was considered too valuable to give up, Difford explained. Their unhappiness came to a head three years ago when, on a trip to the United States, Difford turned on the TV and heard “Tempted” in a beer commercial. He had known nothing about it.

Squeeze wants to market its catalog for use in soundtracks and ads more aggressively, but realizes no one’s going to want a new version of “Tempted” unless it sounds almost identical to the original — complete with former band member Paul Carrack to repeat his vocal. “You’re like a forensics scientist,” Difford said.

via These days, old is new in music business | | The Daily News Journal. (via Hypebot)

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